About Stock Boutique

Hey! I'm Sam! I run and own Stock Boutique all on my own! I am a mom of 3 and a wife ! After having my first son I left my job as a cosmetologist and became a full time stay at home mama. I quickly realized I wanted a third title, ENTREPRENUER.

The last thing I thought I would do was launch my own boutique. My everyday style was so different than what I had seen out there. I love a good graphic tee, distressed/vintage feel, I love denim and more casual pieces. Thats what I feel most confident in and wear the most!

Once I turned 30 I really started to lean into who I was and found my true style. I vowed to only buy clothes I would actually wear and feel myself in. When I realized I did not have any go to places to shop for these pieces I decided to go for it. With the help of my amazing investor aka my hubby, my dreams came true! Stock Boutique launched August of 2019. 

What an amazing few years it has been, the shop has grown so much and so have I. What truly keeps me going is seeing all of you ACTUALLY wearing these pieces, feeling comfortable and confident. Nothing makes me happier than getting a message about something someone bought or how they love Stock Boutiques style, its a better feeling than getting a sale! I know that Stock is going to be bigger than I ever could have imagined.